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Jeda Hub


Model 3 & Y (read description)
install difficulty:

Designed & engineered in California, USA, Jeda has been creating charging solutions for Model 3, and now Y for over three years. This hub is for Model 3's made before June 2020, with two USB A sockets to plug it into.

If you're not sure, simply check the two ports at the front of your center console (under the phone charging location. You'll either see two USB A ports, or a USB A & a USB C port.


  • 6-in-1 USB Hub with Charging
    • Connect up to 6 devices
    • Front-facing ports: 3 x USB-A, 2 x USB-C
    • One additional USB-A port inside the hidden compartment for your dashcam drive
    • Data & Power to all ports

So, why do you need one of these? For a start, if you hate clutter, this fixes the mess of cables you'd otherwise need to connect your charging pad, sentry/dashcam drive and other accessories. But it also provides a discreet location for your sentry/dashcam drive, which if the worst happens, might be very useful. 


Input: Two USB-A (Model 3 version)
Output: 6 Ports total (4 USB A, 2 USB C)
3 USB-A, two USB-C on the front face. One vertical USB-A inside the Dashcam compartment.
Magnetic lid and silicone sheet. Includes a short USB-A to USB-C cable for a SSD device and a magnetic plate.