Tesla Refreshed Model 3 PPF for rear (rocker) panel
Contents of the rear PPF kit for the Refreshed Model 3
Xpel Ultimate Plus Secs

Paint Protection Kit (rear Fenders/Rocker) for Refreshed Model 3 (Highland)

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❌2018-2024 Tesla Model 3
✅2024 Model 3 (Refreshed/Highland)
Model 3 Refreshed 2024
Protect your Refreshed Model 3 from sand and other small road debris that can cause wear and tear on your paint surfaces with our paint protection film (PPF) kits. We use Xpel Ultimate Plus film, generally regarded as one of the best, if not the best, PPF available. Looking for Model Y or the original Model 3? Go here.


  • Xpel PPF kit for left & right fenders 
  • 1x squeegee
  • 1x Spray bottle with concentrate (just add water)
  • Made in Texas with US-made materials
The Refreshed Model 3 has two pieces per side, one for the rear of the rocker panel, the other for the lower rear quarter of the door. This is due to the weld line, which is inconsistent and would allow debris build up over time with a single piece of PPF.