Model 3 Ultrabright Bulbs


Since 2014, over 200,000  bulbs sold and 2000+ great reviews - welcome to the original and best-reviewed aftermarket accessory for your Tesla Model 3!

16x brighter than the factory bulbs, CE & RoHS certified - these are the only bulbs for your precious Tesla!

Looking for Model YModel S or Model X?

⚠️ Beware  of lower-quality bulbs, or vendors that claim more LED's = More light. Typically that actually means more heat and a shorter lifespan.

Our bulbs are CE-certified, and battle-tested in tens of thousands of Tesla's since 2014. With any LED bulb, the quality of the components, not the actual LED, will define how long the bulb lasts.

The window motors in your Model Y are grounded through the puddle lights, so if the light fails, so does the window, and it will not lower when you open the door.

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