Discreet handles to lift the floor panel
Close-up of one of the handles
Velcro strap running along the underside of the floor panel

Model Y Trunk Floor Handles

Sale price$14.99
Installation install difficulty: simple


✅2020-2024 Tesla Model Y
Model Y 2020 Model Y 2021 Model Y 2022 Model Y 2023 Model Y 2024

Did you even know your Model Y (5 seat) had an extra storage area in the trunk? I know, crazy. The floor cover is not easy to lift though, and that's where our 'no drill' handles come into play.

Sometimes, simple is best, so this simple, but sturdy, strap runs under the lid, attaching with Velcro, leaving a handle sticking out at each end, and allowing you to easily access more precious storage. Maybe you'd put our sunshade in there?

To install, simply lift the trunk floor panel, and attached the strap to the underside using the Velcro, leaving the handles sticking out at each end.