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Sunshade with Blackout Screen for R1T

Rivian R1T
install difficulty:

📢 Currently being designed. If things go well, it'll be ready ~November 2022. Typically things take a little longer though, so the end of the year is more likely. 2022 that is. Probably.

Our sunshades provide everything you need to keep your cabin cool!

It's made up of two parts, the black mesh fabric which is wrapped around a collapsible, spring-loaded steel frame. Like a giant origami puzzle, it folds down into something like a butterfly, for storage in the supplied canvas bag.  Roof lining clips are provided, they're used to wedge between the sunroof and roof liner. 

The blackout screen is optional for you to use, but it simply snaps on to the black mesh frame with edge magnets, so installing it is easy. It made of nylon with a rubberized metallic reflective coating, and folds small enough to fit in your glovebox. Generally speaking you would not need to use the blackout every day, but if you're parking at the airport, or even sleeping in your truck, it will provide a virtual 100% block of visual, IR and UV light coming through the huge sunroof.