Light locations in the Refreshed Model 3 (aka Highland)
White Ultrabright Lights in the Refreshed Model 3 trunk
Blue puddle and footwell lights in the Refreshed Model 3 (aka Highland)
Wide shot of Blue Puddle lights in a Model 3 Highland
Blue footwells with a red center console light in the Refreshed Model 3 Highland
Shot at dusk, showing the blue ultrabright lights for the Refreshed Model 3

Ultrabright Lights for Refreshed Model 3 (Highland)

Sale price$9.99
Installation install difficulty: easy
❓ FAQs

The Refreshed (aka Highland) Model 3 is an amazing car, but aside from the dash, it has the same ambient/internal lights that have been in Tesla's since Model S back in 2013. Luckily, we've been making plug n play replacement lights since 2014, and we're now onto our fourth generation - brighter, more efficient and compatible with both 16V Tesla's (like the new Model 3).

Choose from four colors, with white being a like-for-like replacement, but 16x brighter. Or add some color with red, blue or purple. Compatible with all light locations in your Refreshed Model 3. 

Some of the installation locations are difficult without the correct removal tools, and others are difficult due to the limited length of wire. We suggest watching the install video first to determine if you need any other accessories, such as: 

For the four door locations, you can use these ultrabright lights, or our Megabright Puddle lights (sold as pairs).