Portrait view - for a safe, eyes-forward view of your phone
Rear view
Side profile, showing the premium aluminum bracket and MagSafe holder
Landscape view (showing the S3XY virtual dash)
Easily Adjust angle and reach

Folding Magsafe Phone Mount (non-charging)

Sale price$35.99
Installation install difficulty: easy


2018-2023 Tesla Model 3
2020-2023 Tesla Model Y

This is a great option to hold your phone in a safe, practical location - no more looking down; perfect for using apps like Waze or Maps. An adhesive metal disk is included, so even if your phone doesn't have MagSafe, you can still use this mount. If you use a case, it should either be MagSafe-compatible (preferred), or a thin case (the metal disk should be placed between the phone and case). The magnets in the mount are very strong, so there's no issues mounting even the largest phones (the install video shows an iPhone 14 Pro Max).

Note, this version does not charge; if you're looking for charging, please go here.

  • Invisible Design just folds away behind your screen when not it use, maintaining the clean aesthetic of your Tesla
  • Fully Adjustable Clamp and Arm allowing you to find exactly the right position
  • Made for any phone large or small, MagSafe or use the supplied metal disk