Jack Adapters
Jack Adapters
Commercial grade jack adapters for Tesla Model 3 & Y
Jack Adapters
Jack location on a Model 3
Jack Adapters
Jack Adapters
Jack Adapters

Jack Adapters

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Installation install difficulty: simple


2018-2023 Tesla Model 3
2020-2023 Tesla Model Y
2012-2023 Tesla Model S
2015-2023 Tesla Model X

not compatible with LFP Models. To determine if your vehicle is equipped with an LFP battery, navigate to Controls>Software>Additional Vehicle Information. If your vehicle is equipped with an LFP battery, "High Voltage Battery type: Lithium Iron Phosphate" is listed.

Option:Model 3/Y (all years) - single

Our commercial-grade jack adapters are a must-have for any Tesla owner, and compatible with all Tesla's (including refreshed S & X). The jack lift-points on a Tesla are not the same as any other car, and lifting the car incorrectly risks damage to the battery tray or side skirts. The very same adaptors are used in over 1000 tire stores by a very well known US tire chain, so you know these will last.


  • A retractable, self-adjusting magnet which attaches the tool to the chassis (Model 3/Y)
  • The low profile design accommodates taller floor jack saddles and higher 2-post lift arms, especially on the lower Performance chassis
  • Nesting design to minimize storage space (Model S/X)

The Model 3/Y adaptors incorporates a retractable, self-adjusting magnet which attaches the tool to the chassis. The captive magnet extends 5mm above the top of the post when inserted into the jack point. It makes an audible click indicating that the tool is properly inserted. The Model 3/Y vehicle jack points are an aluminum stamping and are not nearly as precise as the Model S or Model X injection molded jack points. The retractable magnet design compensates for small variations in the depth and shape of the jack point location hole and precludes the magnet from ever supporting the weight of the car. The Silicone O-ring stabilizes the tool in the jack point socket and helps to maintain the magnet-to-chassis contact patch.

The Model 3/Y jack pad tool is 18mm thick (almost 3/4"), a full 10mm (2/5") shorter than many other Model 3/Y jack pads. . The Safety Yellow Silicone band is a visible reminder that the jack pad tools are in place. All the adapters also features an LDPE washer that prevents damage to the painted surface of the Model 3 jack points.

The Model S/X adapters don't need the magnet (since the chassis stamping is more precise) but feature a rubber o-ring (the orange o-ring) to allow you to pre-install the adapter in the jacking point before lifting the jack to it - this makes aligning the pad very easy. They also 'nest', making a full set much more compact, at 6.5" (170mm) when stored in the free container.

These tools takes the guesswork out of positioning a floor jack beneath your vehicle jack points. The post on the tool precisely locates the tool in the center of the jack point on the car and provide a comfortable amount of clearance between the undercarriage and the rim of a floor jack saddle or the pad on the arm of a 2-post lift. The simple round design guarantees that the tool will be inserted into the jack point correctly, whereas, rectangular shaped tools can be inadvertently inserted with the incorrect orientation. This is the best jack adapter tool you can buy for your Tesla. All sets of 4 are shipped in a storage container that can be kept in your car.

To Use

Simply insert the jack pad adapter in the lift point on your Tesla. If you're not sure where to look, find the round receptacle along the edge of the car, just inside each of the wheels. On Model 3/Y, the jack points are stamped into the chassis. On S & X, they're a separate fixture that's bolted to the chassis, so you'll see three holes, the jack adapter fits the middle one (the outer holes are bolts). Once the jack pad is inserted, slowly lift the jack until it engages with the pad, then continue to lift the car. Once you've completed your work, lower the car, remove the jack, and then remove the jack adapter.