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Logo Covers

Model 3/Y
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Itching to get rid of the last of the chrome on your Tesla? Sure, we have black license plate frames, black dual motor emblems, black Model Y & Model 3 emblems, but the logos are still chrome! For a subtle look, consider wrapping them in vinyl, but bear in mind a sliver of chrome will still peek out around the edge. For full coverage, you need our Logo Covers! 

Made exclusively for AO, we've made the covers very, very thin. Don't worry, they're still nice and strong, but we've tried to ensure they hug the logo perfectly, with nice, crisp lines and corners. They're also a two-piece set, for the 'arc' at the top of the logo, and the main part of the logo. Although the gap is narrow between the two elements, it does mean that you can maintain the two distinct elements of the logo.

Installation just takes a minute, check out the video for more details.

Please watch the video below, installing each of the logo covers just takes a couple of minutes. After installation, please do not expose to temperature or weather extremes for at least 24hrs. If your Tesla has a ceramic treatment, please thoroughly clean the chrome logo with an alcohol wipe first, to aid adhesion.