Logo Emblems for Model 3 & Y
Logo Emblems for Model 3 & Y
Logo Emblems for Model 3 & Y
Logo Emblems for Model 3 & Y

Logo Emblems for Model 3 & Y

Sale pricefrom $34.99
Installation install difficulty: simple


✅2018-2024 Tesla Model 3
🟠2024 Tesla Model 3 Refreshed (Only the front logo is needed)
✅2020-2024 Tesla Model Y
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Option:Model 3 set (front & rear)

Itching to get rid of the last of the chrome on your Tesla? Sure, we have black dual motor emblems, black Model Y & Model 3 emblems, but the logos are still chrome!

We do offer logo covers and vinyl decals if you don't want to remove the factory (chrome) emblems, but, if you'd like to replace them, we now have our stunning, low-profile emblem replacements for 3 & Y. Made from UV-stable ABS plastic, and finished in satin black. 

The front logo cover is common across all Model 3 & Y, the rear is different (larger on Model Y) so choose from front, rear, or buy a set and save a few $$'s. Each piece has a 3M VHB backing, with a small frustration-free pull tab. For the Refreshed Model 3, you'll just need the front emblem, since you now have the wordmark on the rear.

Not sure of the best option? Check out the start of our help video where we show the Logo Covers, Vinyl Decals and then go on to install these emblems.