Front PPF Screen Guard for the Tesla Cybertruck
Real shot of the satin/matte PPF Screen Guard for the Tesla Cybertruck
Rear PPF Screen Guard for the Tesla Cybertruck
Benefits of XPel PPF

PPF Screen Guards for CyberTruck

Sale price$29.99
Installation install difficulty: easy


2024 Tesla Cybertruck
Cybertruck 2024

We're working on our Ultra-Premium screen protectors for the Cybertruck, but in the meantime, we're happy to offer a very cost-effective solution using Xpel PPF. Made right here in Texas, they're extremely easy to install and offer great protection for your front and rear screens. As an added bonus, we'll include a $20 discount code which can be used to purchase the Ultra-Premium protectors as soon as they're available!

Choose from matte/satin (made with Xpel Stealth) or Gloss Clear (made with Xpel Ultimate Plus). Supplied with a squeegee, slip solution/spray (just add water) and a link to our video instructions. 

If you're undecided between Clear or Matte, here's some pros & cons:


  • Significantly reduces reflections/glare
  • Helps resist and hide fingerprints
  • Has a wonderful, silky-smooth feel
  • Slightly reduces screen clarity


  • Maintains the clarity and glossiness of the screen

Both provide a high level of protection from impact and scratches, and, being PPF, will self-heal with some gentle heat from a hairdryer.