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Superhydrophobic Camera Cover for Model 3 & Y (Pre-Order)

Model 3/Y
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🔥Pre-Orders are now OPEN!  Due to the extreme demand for this product, we've opened pre-orders. Please note the following:

  • We expect to ship around the first week of April 2023. If this changes, we'll post an update here
  • If you have other items in your order, they'll ship as normal (i.e. within 1 business day). Don't forget, domestic orders over $75 ship free (even with a pre-order item!)
  • Pre-orders will ship out on a first-in, first-out basis from our Texas location. It'll take up to a week to fully ship all the pre-orders.
  • Once we're able to stabilize stock levels, we will offer subscriptions (most likely with a 6 month interval) at a discounted price.

Looking for S/X? Please register your interest here.


Fed up with your rear camera immediately becoming useless when it's raining? And then needing to be cleaned once all the crud has dried onto it? Well, finally there's a solution. This patented camera cover for the rear camera of your Model 3 or Y encloses your camera, and protects it with a super-hydrophobic film that repels water and the dirt and grime that accompanies it. Check out the photos from a customer to see how effective it is even in extreme conditions!

Easy to install, and is optically transparent, so has no impact on Autopilot, or color rendition. If you have a license plate frame, you'll probably need to remove it to install the cover (but can then put it back on).

Note, similar to ceramic coating, this product does have a limited lifetime that will vary depending on conditions, but typically 4-6 months. Cleaning it with a lens wipe will help restore and extend it's function, but over time you will notice that it becomes less slippery, at which point it should be replaced.

Installation Guide