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Model Y Mega-Bright Trunk Light

Model Y
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📢 Compatibility Note: Please choose the 12-16v version if you have a lithium battery in your Model Y (2021 was the transition year, all 2022 and onwards Model Y's have the lithium battery). Not sure? On your center screen, go to Software, then 'Additional Vehicle Information'; if it shows you have the AMD Processor (as opposed to Intel Atom), then you also have the Lithium battery.

Finally, an upgrade for the weedy light in your Model Y trunk! 

Installation does require removing and replacing some of the trim, so please ensure you're comfortable doing that before ordering. It's not difficult, but please refer to the installation video below for more details. Also mentioned in the video, our Sill Protectors.

The 48-LED "Mega-Bright" version casts a light at around 6000k (the same color temperature as the factory bulb), and is, of course, much, much brighter! Check out the before/after slider below for a real-world comparison; technically it's at least 14x brighter, but light measurement is not a linear scale, so in reality, with think it's perceptibly around 4-5x brighter. 

 Installation Guide