Front door bin for Refreshed Model 3
Rear door bin for Refreshed Model 3
Full set of door bins for Refreshed Model 3

Door Bin Liners for Refreshed Model 3

Sale price$49.99
Installation install difficulty: easy


❌2018-2024 Tesla Model 3
✅2024 Model 3 (Refreshed/Highland)
Model 3 Refreshed 2024

The rubber door liners are perfectly molded to the shape of the door pockets, and just drop in. Unlike flat mats, you can take these out, and everything in the door bin/pocket comes with them, for easy dumping in the trash. They'll even fit in your dishwasher (top shelf only) if they need a deep clean! With a roll-over lip, they also offer complete protection for the edge of the door bin, an area that's easily damaged, and can contain huge spills! Made from tough, yet flexible, TPE plastic, they look like they came from the factory once installed.

Please refer to the installation videos on this page to see how to install them.

Sold as a set of four, since your Refreshed Model 3 four doors. We're sometimes smart.