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Rotating Phone Holder with Grip Mount

Model 3/Y
install difficulty:
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When we say these have 480° of rotation, you're probably thinking we're not too good with numbers. And you'd be right, but in this case, we're talking 360° of rotation in the bit that holds your phone, and another 120° in the bit that attached to the back of your screen. The best thing about this is the silicone roller design, or roller grip. Set it once, and forget, after that, just grab your phone when needed, and place it back when you're done, without having to press any buttons or squeeze the gripper arms back together - genius! Choose from a regular mount, or one that's Qi enabled. 

  • 480° of rotation  to move your phone to your ideal viewing location
  • Silicone Roller design  allows for one-handed pick & place of your phone
  • Clamp Size Adjustment  accepts all smart phones
  • Washable Suction cup  forms a rock-solid clamp on the back of your center screen
  • Installation Frame  makes installing in your Model 3 or Y (or 2021 S & X) a breeze
  • Matching Trim  to complement your dash