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Model 3 Air Intake Vent Cover

Model 3
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Compatibility note:For LHD (Left Hand Drive) Model 3's only, please be sure to choose the correct option for your car, the size changed with the Model Year 2021 Models.

Stop leaves and other debris getting into your Model 3 HVAC system with this AC inlet/intake cover. This simple accessory ensures your HVAC system stay clear of larger debris, which is some cases can cause bad odors in your Model 3, since the condensate from the AC condenser can mix with the debris and cause rot or mold. This cover does not inhibit airflow.


  1. Open the frunk
  2. Remove the large plastic cover at the top of the frunk, near the windscreen/windshield. It just snaps on and off, no tools are needed.
  3. This reveals the intake for the AC; first try a 'dry fit' by placing the intake filter in place. If the area where the adhesive tape will make contact is dusty or dirty, first clean it with a damp cloth and allow to dry.
  4. Now remove the red film protecting the adhesive foam and simply place the cover in the intake opening
  5. Replace the large cover, and close the frunk.
  6. Done!