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Wheel Covers for Model 3 18" Aero Wheels

Model 3
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Ready to transform the wheels on your Model 3? Compatible with the 18" Aero wheels, these replace your factory aero covers to provide a cool, new look for your Model 3.

Our covers snap-on to provide a very secure fit, but, there's no metal springs or grips that could scratch your wheels; only by creating an extremely precise fit was it possible to remove the metal spring clips. 

We're starting with these options, more to come soon!

  • Satin Black "Blade" - these give a cool, stealthy and sporty appearance to your Model 3. These are compatible with our other center cap options.
  • Glossy Black & White - In stark contrast to the satin black, our black and white covers make your wheels POP! They create a cool and unique look.

Each set comprises four covers, gloves, and the logo caps for the center. The Blade design also has (optional) foam strips to cushion against the bead of the wheel. The great thing about our covers is that they cover the entire wheel, so if you do have a close encounter of the crunchy kind with a curb, you can simply by a single cover for an instant fix.

Please note, we have tested our covers with the caliper covers we sell, but we cannot test other third-party covers, some of which do not sit very flush to the caliper. so may rub on the covers. 

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