Center Caps for Wheel Covers (for Model 3 Blade Covers)
Red on black gloss center caps
Gloss black on satin center caps

Center Caps for Wheel Covers (for Model 3 Blade Covers)

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✅2018-2024 Tesla Model 3
❌Not for Refreshed 2024 Model 3 (Highland)
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Our Model 3 Satin Black "Blade" wheel covers ship with a chrome center cap logo, but if you're looking for something different, we have a couple of extra options for you!

  • black on black, for a subtle, sleek look. The logo is glossy, and the actual cap is a satin black.
  • Red on black, for a discrete, but noticeable pop! As above, the red is glossy, and the black is satin.

Easy to apply, they just stick on, be sure the application area is clean, and once installed, allow at least 48 hours before exposing them to any weather extremes (hot, cold, snow, rain etc). These are only compatible with the Model 3 Blade covers.