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Premium Center Console Tray

Model 3/Y
install difficulty:
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NOTE: This only fits Models 3 and Y that have the 2nd Gen center console. check out the pic below if you're not sure! Have a Gen 1? Here's what you need.

Center Console comparison

These trays are a great alternative to our sliding tray, if you're looking for something that's easy to clean, and custom-made to integrate with the LED Hub. Plus, these trays slide too!

Choose from two designs, with two or three sections, and two colors, grey or cream. The three-section version has one section that can hold the J1772 adaptor snuggly.  all options feature a unique two-layer design. The base layer is rigid ABS plastic to provide support, and easy sliding in the center console. The top layer is food-grade silicone which is washable and prevents any rattles. Whichever option you choose, as soon as you handles the tray, you'll know it's a premium product with real thought put into the design.