USB Sensor Switch
USB Sensor Switch

USB Sensor Switch

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We never planned to sell this as a separate accessory, instead just including it with our Animated Dash Strip. However, we've had so many requests, it's now a product in its own right.

In summary, this connects in-line between two USB-A connectors, i.e. from one of your center console USB ports to another accessory, such as lights, a phone charger, or other device that you'd prefer to be turned off when you're not in the car. It does not pass data.

It was originally designed for touchless operation of things like lights in rooms that cannot have switches (sterile rooms, wet rooms etc). It detects heat, movement and sound, through most materials, except metal, so it's ideal for this application, where you'd probably have it in your center console, glovebox, or trunk. You can see a demo of it working in our dash strip video here.