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USB-C Upgrade Module (for data)

Model 3/Y (2nd Gen Console)
install difficulty:

ūüďĘ We're working to get these as fast as we can - we're seeing (as expected, unfortunately) increased demand and supply chain constraints, hit the Notify button to receive an email as soon as they arrive.

If you have a recent 2022 Model Y or Model 3, then you might have noticed the USB-C ports at the front of your center console no longer support data, so you're not able to use them for game controller, USB sticks with music or any other application that requires data. The only data-capable outlet is in the glovebox, and you probably have your memory stick in that for your sentry recordings.

Our upgrade module is a plug & play replacement for the one your car came with, and all the tools for installation/removal are provided. To install, please refer to our video below. Our 2020 Model 3 in the video has the data cable, but you should find yours taped to the existing power cable.