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Ultra-Bright LED Lights - Model X

Model X
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Note: The lights for refreshed Model X are different. We are working on compatible lights for the new Model X. 
Over 50,000 bulbs sold and 750+ great reviews - welcome to the original and best-reviewed after-market accessory for your Tesla Model X!

Link to Pick n Mix bulbs

We're focusing on the Model X here, but they're compatible with all Tesla's, so check out the Model SModel 3 and Model Y pages. If you're planning on also installing our Puddle Lights, then you'll need two less of these, since the puddle lights will only fit the front doors on Model X.

Our bulbs are a plug 'n' play replacement for the OEM bulbs that came standard in your Model X. They're identical to the Tesla-fitted bulbs in every regard, except they're 16x brighter, yet only use 1W of power. Made by the same company that supplies a major German auto manufacturer, and using the best components to ensure maximum efficiency in terms of the light/power/heat ratio.