Tesla ≡ Emblem
Tesla ≡ Emblem
Tesla ≡ Emblem
Tesla ≡ Emblem

Tesla ≡ Emblem

Sale price$6.99
Installation install difficulty: simple


2018-2023 Tesla Model 3

Just need the "≡" emblem?

Available in chrome or the popular satin red finish, we've aimed to make something that's incredibly easy to install, and that, as always, looks like it came from the factory. The "≡" is 21mm high x 24.2mm wide.

Key features of the emblem:

    • Made from OEM-grade materials - can be used inside or outside with no issues
    • Guaranteed for 1 year
    • Factory look - this is not your average flat vinyl decal

To apply, simply clean the target area with the included wipe, and remove the white backing paper. Position as designed with the pieces still in the foam template, and, once happy, apply firm and even pressure, then remove the clear film and foam. Protect from moisture and temperature extremes for 24hrs.