Tailgate PPF Wrap for Rivian R1T
Tailgate PPF Wrap for Rivian R1T
US made, tough PPF
Tailgate Clear Protection Film (PPF) for Rivian R1T
Tailgate PPF Wrap for Rivian R1T - Piece Details

Tailgate Clear Protection Film (PPF) for Rivian R1T

Sale pricefrom $129.95
Installation install difficulty: easy


2022-2023 Rivian R1T
Size:Top + Bottom

Your tailgate is a high-traffic area, especially the top section that could get scratched during day to day use. Keep it looking new with some PPF!

This wrap from our partners at TWraps protects the areas above and (optionally) below the lightbar with premium, self-healing 8mil PPF, which is virtually invisible once installed. We'd say that the top section is an easy install, the lower section leans toward a medium difficultly; it's a larger piece, and requires a little more work to get everything squared up with both the panel edges, and the emblems (which you don't need to remove).

In The Box

  • PPF cutout(s) made for DIY install (without seaming or special skills/tools needed)
  • Spray bottle with soap (you need to fill it up with water)
  • Squeegee
  • Installation instructions & video

ℹ️ About The PPF Kits

All of our Rivian PPF kits are designed for DIY installation. This means that none of the PPF needs to be edge-wrapped, as that's a skilled task that also required other tools. Our kits are cut to get close to the edge of the panel or section being covered, but not so close that it'll lift, allowing dirt or grit to get underneath. Always watch the install video by clicking the link below.