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Premium Steering Yoke

Model 3/Y
install difficulty:
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Add that Model S/X Refresh vibe to your Model 3 or Y! Our range of steering yokes are beautifully hand-made, and come in three finishes:

  • Alcantara with (real) satin carbon fiber
  • Black nappa leather with  (real) satin carbon fiber
  • Black nappa leather with 'factory' plastic, i.e. the satin black plastic that you have on your current steering wheel

Note: These are for non-heated steering wheels. You can still use it, but will lose the heated steering feature. 

Everything you need is included; the wheel is fully functional (but not heated) and there's no need to switch the scroll wheels from your existing wheel, and we include a 1/2" drive 10mm Hex Bit, which you'll need to get the center nut out.

The starting point for all of these yokes is a factory Tesla wheel, so you can be assured of the safety, and of course your same airbag is used. Please watch the video on the installation tab below for a better explanation of the process. It's technically very straight forward, the most difficult bit (by far!) is loosening the 10mm nut. There's a 'first drive' section at the end of the video to help you decide if a yoke is for you. We love it though, so much so that we've now installed one in our model Y as well!

Once done, this is easily one of the most striking upgrades you can make to your Model 3 & Y, and you'll love the feel of the yoke, and the feeling of space. Combine with our real satin carbon fiber stalk covers for a coordinated look. 

More questions? Check out our FAQ.