Red on Red!
Red cleaner, in all it's glory.
Charcoal, aka almost black.
All-In-One Screen Cleaner in blue
All-In-One Screen Cleaner in "Rivian" Yellow
All-In-One Screen Cleaner

All-In-One Screen Cleaner

Sale price$12.99
Installation install difficulty: simple
Cleaner Color:Blue Microfiber

Could this be the best thing since sliced bread? Not only do these feature a soft, micro-fiber cleaning surface on all sides, but they also have an integrated spray, so you can easily and quickly clean your screen in no time at all - the perfect job when you're stopped at a red light!

Available in red, blue, charcoal and yellow, each comes with a protective plastic sleeve, and enough fluid (30ml) for 200+ squirts. All you need to do is spray the screen (enable the screen cleaning mode first), and with a couple of wipes your screen is beautifully clean all over again. The cleaning solution has a refreshing scent and is anti-bacterial, and is fully compatible with our tempered glass screen protectors. Great in your Tesla, but also anywhere else you need to clean a screen, maybe an iPad, Peloton or a TV!