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Real Carbon Fiber Cover for the Gen 2 Center Console

Model 3/Y (2nd Gen Console)
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Add a stunning upgrade to your center console with our real carbon fiber covers for the second gen (the one with the sliding door) center console. 

We're launching with the version that has no card opening. What does that mean? Your center console has a card reader just behind the cupholder which can read your Tesla key card, but real carbon fiber blocks the signal. Chances are good the only time you used this was when you added your phone as a key, and you can of course still use your keycard on the B pillar (just below the side camera), so we think for the sake of aesthetics it's better to not have the card opening, but we'll be getting those soon if you do want to have that option.

The satin/matte cover is always our top selling option, since it doesn't attract fingerprints the same way as the glossy options, and has a gorgeous, silky feel. But the gloss shows off the deep texture of the carbon weave, so it's a tough choice!

Because this isn't a vinyl, installation is a little different. It's still easy, but be sure to watch our video first, you can even watch-as-you-go on your center screen by browsing here.


Before starting your installation, find some 70%+ Isopropyl alcohol (91% is fine), ideally as a spray. We'd include it in the kit, but it's classed as a hazardous substance, so cannot be shipped easily. If you don't have any around the house, your local CVS/Walgreens/Boots/Other Chemist etc will have some, or try Amazon. then watch the video below: