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Premium Aluminum Trunk Hook

Model 3
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aka Aluminium boot hook - so many things to translate!

Made in the UK by fellow Tesla owners, we're delighted to offer this stunning machined, anodized aluminum hook for the trunk for your Model 3.

If you're in the UK or Europe, we recommend ordering direct from Glass Bonra to minimize shipping cost and time.

  • Heat proof up to 932°f/500°c
  • Load capacity exceeds 110lb/50kg
  • Made for Tesla owners by Tesla owners
  • British designed and made
  • Holds shopping, take-out etc
  • Strongest trunk hook available
  • Easy and quick to install - under 1 minute
  • Suitable for all Tesla model 3's

To Install

  • The majority of Tesla Model 3s have a redundant screw on the right side of the trunk/boot (regardless of whether the car is left or righthand drive)
  • Screw the hook on to the redundant screw and ensure a tight fit
  • Give your hook a light pull down to ensure a correct fit. Your hook is now ready to use.