Model X Vinyl Door Handle Trims (4 pack)
Model X Vinyl Door Handle Trims (4 pack)
Model X Vinyl Door Handle Trims (4 pack)
Model X Vinyl Door Handle Trims (4 pack)

Model X Vinyl Door Handle Trims (4 pack)

Sale price$15.99
Installation install difficulty: simple


✅2015-2024 Tesla Model X
Model X 2014 Model X 2015 Model X 2016 Model X 2017 Model X 2018 Model X 2019 Model X 2020 Model X 2021 Model X 2022 Model X 2023 Model X 2024
Vinyl Color:Gloss Black

Make a subtle difference to the exterior of your Model X with our vinyl door handle trims. Featuring:

  • 3M 2080 Vinyl - the best on the market
  • Tool-free installation - incredibly easy, they take just a few seconds each
  • No complicated wrapping and awkward folds or corners to hide
  • Clear carrier sheet to make fitting them so easy - align and apply without ever touching the back of the vinyl

Stand out with Carbon Fiber, choose the sleek brushed metallic finishes or blend in and match with your paint color. This is a 4-pack, one for each handle.

Like everything we sell, anyone can install these. In fact, they take less than a minute per handle, and are completely tool-free! Just make sure the handle is clean, apply the vinyl piece, and remove the carrier sheet - done! The Model X handles are fairly flat (i.e the edges are not very rounded), so when fitted correctly almost no chrome will be visible; our decals 'turn the corner' at the end of each handle, ensuring a consistent look even when the doors are open.

Pick a day when it's not too hot or too cold (aim for around 70f/21c) and use the wipes to clean the handles, then try to get yourself level with the handles (for now keep the key out of range to prevent the door opening).

Because the two handles on each side visually form one 'long handle', it's important to get both decals level, and the same on both handles. Start with the front door (at the pointy end), and gently start to apply it, ensuring both the top and bottom appear level. Once you're happy, use the supplied squeegee to apply firm pressure. Now carefully remove the clear film, and then open the door to turn the vinyl around the end of the handle. Just use your thumb, first apply pressure along the corner, then just 'roll' the vinyl around the corner ensuring there's no bubbles. Repeat the same for all the handles, and you're done!

We've made this in the usual vinyl metallic and textured finishes, as well as colors that match your Model X (note, they're the closest color 3M makes, but not a perfect match). It's difficult to capture the depth of the vinyl in the photos (depending on the light, angle etc).

Tesla Color-matched Film (as close as we can get it!)

  • Matte Dark Grey (Tesla Midnight Grey)
  • Satin Frozen Vanilla (Tesla Multi-coat White)
  • Gloss Black (Tesla Flat Black)
  • Carbon fiber
  • Matte Black