Multifunction Armrest Cover (shown with a 1st-gen console)
Multifunction Armrest Cover (Opened)
Multifunction Armrest Cover (shown with a 2nd-gen console)
Multifunction Armrest Cover (Model 3/Y)

Multifunction Armrest Cover (Model 3/Y)

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Installation install difficulty: simple


✅2018-2024 Tesla Model 3
❌Not for Refreshed 2024 Model 3 (Highland)
✅2020-2024 Tesla Model Y
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Sore elbows? We've got you.

Gum & pen storage? We've got you.

Secret cubby for secret stuff? We've got you!

Our 3-in-1 armrest cover does a great job with it's main task, making a comfy place for you and your passengers' elbow. With an inch+ of padding below the quilted vegan leather, your elbows will thank you! After it's been installed for a couple of days you don't even notice it's there, until you rest your elbow on the little slice of heaven in the middle of your Model 3 or Y.

Add to that there's a couple of side pockets for gum, pens, phone, lip balm, cards etc.

For it's final trick, the wrap-around triple-elasticated sleeve makes a perfect hidden compartment from the recess on the underside of the armrest.