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Multi-Color Front & Rear Footwell lights for Model 3 & Y

Model 3/Y
install difficulty:

📢 Expected late 2022

Our RGB (multi-color) footwell light are supplied as a full set - two plug and play replacement bulbs for the front footwells, and two light strips for the rear footwells, which you'll mount under the front seats.

They're all controlled independently from an infrared remote control, so you can set all the lights to the same color, have the front and back different, or have all four different! Installation is easy, taking no more than 20 minutes to complete. As with all of our lights, they are CE-rated, ensuring they're safe for use in your Tesla.

Please note, some versions of Model 3 have their front footwell lights disabled in software, so be sure to check this kit is compatible before purchasing. Basically, if your existing front footwell lights illuminate, you're all good :-)