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FobPockets for Model S, 3 & Y

Model S/3/Y
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Want to protect your nice, shiny Tesla key? Need to attach it to a keyring? We've got you covered!

AO started with FobPockets back in 2012, and with over 100,000 FobPockets sold since, we know a thing or two about protecting your key. This design is compatible with Models S, Y & 3, and features fifteen different options.

Not only do these offer excellent protection for your key, but they also feature embossed buttons on the top surface to help you (or the valet) find the various key functions. And, we didn't just use a generic car image, we designed our own embossed Tesla image!

This is the ideal FobPocket option for anyone with an 'active' lifestyle, it can take the knocks, and since the battery compartment is sealed by the silicone FobPocket, it even provides a degree of protection from water, though we still don't recommend putting it through the washer. Or surfing with it. If you're looking for something a little tougher, check out our rugged range!