Mobile connector wall mount and cable organizer (North America version)
Mobile charger wall mount
Cable organizer & plug hook (North America version)
Cable organizer and Charger holster (North America version)
Cable organizer & plug holder (North America version)
Mobile connector wall mount and cable organizer (CCS version)
Cable organizer & plug hook (CCS version)

Mobile Connector Wall Mount & Cable Organizer

Sale price$29.99
Installation install difficulty: simple


2018-2023 Tesla Model 3
2020-2023 Tesla Model Y
2012-2023 Tesla Model S
2015-2023 Tesla Model X
Type:CCS (UK/Europe)

Charging at home with your mobile connector? Tidy things up with our easy to install wall mount and cable organizer. Supplier with everything you need to mount it to a regular wall, this will ensure your mobile connector stays off the floor, yet easy to remove if you're going on a road-trip - just lift it out. Compatible with Gen 1 & Gen 2 charger, choose from the North American option, or the CCS option for Europe.

Kit includes:

  • Two-piece cable organizer and lug hook
  • Mobile charger bracket
  • 6 screws & wall plugs