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Premium Rear Footwell Lights for Model 3/Y

Model 3/Y
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Finally! A premium rear footwell solution for your Model 3 & Y! These are compatible with all Model Y's, and all premium versions of Model 3 - basically, if you have front footwell lights, then these will work for you. They're designed to dim when the front footwells dim (i.e. when the car is taken out of Park); the photos show the maximum (undimmed) brightness.

Each kit includes two rear footwell lights, one for each side, and feature:

  • Plug and Play Installation - it helps to be bendy during installation, but it's easy, no wire-taps required and no errors
  • Dimming Support - Model 3/Y dims the front footwell lights when the car is in drive, so we designed these to match that behavior
  • CE-Rated - Like all of our lights, they're CE rated, so you can be confident they're high-quality
  • Lifetime warranty - As with all of our lights, if you have any issues with them in the future, we've got your back

Once installed, the 12-element LED strips cast a bright light that beautifully lights up the rear footwells, making a great (and much-needed) addition to the ambient lighting in your car.

Installation takes 10-15 minutes per side, the only tool you might need (some cars have a T20 screw holding up the front footwell panels, others don't) is a T20 Torx screwdriver. Please refer to the videos below for the product introduction, and the installation by Erik.