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Model 3 & Y Performance Pedals

Model 3/Y
install difficulty:
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Compatibility Notes: 

  • Made in China & Texas 2022 Model Y's require a slightly different shape. Only select this option if you have a 2022 Model Y from the Shanghai or Austin factories. We're working on a 'one size fits all (for 3 & Y)', expected Spring '23.

Give your Model 3 or Y pedals the performance look! Our pedals really upgrade the look of the factory pedals; if you take a close look at the basic accelerator pedal, you'll see that it's very basic, and not at all becoming of a Tesla!

Tesla (when they have stock) charge $150 for their Performance pedals; get the same look for a fraction of the price! 

Made from metal alloy and (non-stinky) PPE rubber, these are an easy upgrade to your Model 3 or Y. Be wary of other versions which claim to be compatible with "all" Teslas, the Model 3 & Y pedals are slightly smaller than S/X.

Colored versions expect Spring 2023.