Noise Reduction Kit
Noise Reduction Kit
Noise Reduction Kit

Noise Reduction Kit

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2018-2023 Tesla Model 3
2020-2023 Tesla Model Y
Type:Model 3

Made from a single length of EPDM rubber (generally used in the automotive industry for seals due to its suitability for outdoor use), this fills the gap around the top glass roof panel on your Model 3 or Y and helps to reduce wind noise, especially on the leading edge where the roof meets the windshield. The result will of course vary by speed, road surface and wind speed, but also by your Model 3 or Y, as the gap tolerances can be quite variable. Watch Erik's video below for a detailed study of the noise reduction, which averaged around 5db.

Installation just takes a few minutes, no tools or expertise needed, although a helper is useful, especially on the Model Y, since the roof is larger.

Hit the installation tab above to watch a quick installation video.

Tip: If you find the kit is loose in one or more of the channels, this is because the alignment of the roof glass can vary quite a bit across the fleet. If this is the case, we recommend a small (1"/30mm) dab of silicone sealant in the middle of each edge, as that will hold the rubber in place, and, should you choose to remove it later, is completely reversible, as the sealant only makes a semi-permanent bond to the rubber seal on the car.