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Glow in the Dark Handle Covers for Model 3 & Y (set of 4)

Model 3/Y
install difficulty:

📢 Expected mid-December 2022

These covers are a great little upgrade for your 3 or Y, adding both protection and functionality, with an easy installation. Features:

  • Made from UV-stable polyurethane (not vinyl or silicone) to provide a nice, tactile feel to your handles whilst offering protection
  • Glossy Black base color, with a noctilucent (glow in the dark) highlighting stripe across the bottom edge
  • Easy, self-stick application, just clean, alight and apply!

Based on our testing, if the car sees any daylight during the day, there's a strong, visible glow for at least 4-5 hours after sunset, exposure to artificial light (garage lights, street lights) will increase the glow duration. If you have an earlier Model 3 with chrome handles, these are an easy way to change the color, since they provide full edge-to-edge coverage (internal surfaces will not be covered of course). 

How to install