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Model 3 & Y Door Liners

Model 3/Y (see description)
install difficulty:
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Compatibility notes: 

2022 Model 3: the rear door bins are slightly larger on 2022 Model 3's. They fit, but there will be a gap of around 1/2" (15mm) around the edge. The front doorbins are unchanged.

Mid-2022 Model Y: if you have the new doors with the carpeted door bin area, these liners are not compatible.

All other Model 3 & Y: Good to go! 

Do your door bins (pockets) get full of junk? I mean, 'bin' is in the name, so it's only fair they do. It's not that much of a big deal to dig in there and pull out all the grub and junk, and then trundle the vacuum over to clean out the crumbs, but, if that doesn't sound like fun, we have a solution for you!

The rubber door liner are perfectly molded to the shape of the door pocket, and just drop in. Unlike flat mats, you can take these out, and everything in the door bin/pocket comes with them, for easy dumping in the trash. They'll even fit in your dishwasher (top shelf only) if they need a deep clean!

Sold as a set of four, since your Model 3 or Y has four doors. We're sometimes smart.