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Dash Wrap for the Tesla Model 3 & Y

Model 3/Y
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Do you think the wood dash is a bit out of place in the Model 3 & Y? So do we, so we've created a vinyl wrap to cover the wood with something more modern!

Let's start out by saying that this is not the easiest install. We've created a video showing the process in some detail, and we recommend you watch that before ordering to make sure you're happy. You'll find it below under the Installation tab.

If you've previously installed our center console wraps without any issue, then you're certainly up to the task :-)

Using the same 3M 2080 vinyl we use for our other wraps, we have Carbon Fiber (black and white) and Matrix black for the dash wraps. these are the heavier vinyls, which make them easier to install, plus they don't allow the grain of the wood dash to show through. By popular demand, we've also added the brushed finishes (Titanium, Steel and Black). These are thinner vinyls, but we've cut them so the brushed texture runs in the same direction as the week grain, so they still do a good job of covering the grain (but still not as good as the heavier vinyls).

In the pack, you'll receive:

    • Two wraps. At nearly 5ft long, these wraps are a bit tricky to handle and install, so we're including a spare wrap in case you need a do-over
    • A soft, flexible squeegee
    • A rigid, hard squeegee
    • Knifeless tape (10 meters)

There's three stages to the installation:

    1. Apply the knifeless tape
    2. Apply the vinyl
    3. Cut the vinyl using the tape

Each stage should take around 15-20 minutes, and once complete will transform your Model 3 from 'Retro modern' to just plain ol' 'modern' :-) But, DO watch the video.

Note: If your Model 3 was produced BEFORE May 2018, you might have an earlier version of the dash. Please contact us to ensure the correct version is ordered.

Watch in your Tesla!: 

Please refer to our installation video for a full walk through of the process.

If you have the 'new' dash, where the silver trim extends over the steering wheel opening as shown here:

then please run the knifeless tape all the way along, as opposed to how it's shown in the video, as on the 'original dash' we've designed the vinyl to roll under the wood edge. Aside from this, the video applies to both dash styles.