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Center Console Vinyl Wrap for Model 3 & Y (Gen 1 Center Console)

Model 3/Y (1st Gen Console)
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Note: These are for the Model Year 2018-20 Model 3 (and SOME of 2021) and 2019-20 Y with the original  "First Gen" center console. Refer to the picture below if you're now sure which one you have. If you have the Second Gen center console, take a look at this wrap instead. 

Center Console Picker

Cover the scratch-prone, fingerprint-prone center console with our top-rated, top-selling vinyl wraps! Now shipping with a bonus piece to wrap the rear USB (legacy USB-A and USB-C) port panels making this a six-piece set.

Every set is cut in-house using a commercial vinyl cutter from a single piece of vinyl for pattern continuity and color consistency. Instantly change the look of your interior!

Check out the hundred of reviews and customer photos below, 


  • 3M 2080 film - with it's Air Release technology, it's easily the best vinyl for this application
  • Each piece is precision-cut for a perfect installation
  • Supplied with an application tool to make the installation really easy
  • Six-piece set to cover each of the main panels, the phone strip/ledge, and the USB ports that face the back seats
  • 'No tears' installation guarantee :-)

The 3M vinyl is very forgiving, and with a little time and patience, you can achieve an 'OEM' finish - anyone sitting in your Model 3/Y won't know that it didn't arrive that way from the factory.

Not sure which finish to get, check out our FAQs for some info based on our experience.