Rear Tesla Model 3 Mud Flap
Front Tesla Model 3 Mud Flap
Gloss mudflap for Tesla Model 3

Model 3 Mud Flaps

Sale pricefrom $57.99
Installation install difficulty: simple


2018-2023 Tesla Model 3
Type:Matte Black (standard)

Protect your Model 3 from dirt, debris and other nasties that get thrown up from the road. Our mud flaps are a 'screwless' design, meaning there's no need to drill new holes to install them. Instead, they ship with upgraded retainer clips that use the same holes as those used to keep your factory wheel-well liners in place, so just pop those out, install the mud flaps, and install the new retainer clips - easy!

Ships as a set of four, two front and two rears, together with a baggy of trim clips, and clip removal tools. You just need a 10mm wrench/spanner for the rear bolt. Choose the matte black for the 'typical' mudflap look, or the gloss version for something that really pops and complements the gloss finish of your Model 3.