Jeda Hub

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Model 3 & Y (read description)
install difficulty:

We're excited and proud to be able to offer the Jeda range of products, the fastest and most practical charging options for your Model 3 & Y out there! Designed & engineered in California, USA, Jeda has been creating charging solutions for Model 3, and now Y for over 3 years. You can find the Wireless Charging Pad here.

There's two Hub options, the only difference being the connectivity to the cars' USB ports. 

  • For Model 3's made before June 2020, you need the USB A Hub
  • For later Model 3's, and all Model Y's, you need the USB A/C Hub

If you're not sure, simply check the two ports at the front of your center console (under the phone charging location. You'll either see two USB A ports, or a USB A & a USB C port:

Aside from the ports to plug into your Model 3 or Y, the Hubs have the same great features:

  • 6-in-1 USB Hub with Charging
    • Connect up to 6 devices
    • Front-facing ports: 3 x USB-A, 2 x USB-C
    • One additional USB-A port inside the hidden compartment for your dashcam drive
    • Data & Power to all ports

So, why do you need one of these? For a start, if you hate clutter, this fixes the mess of cables you'd otherwise need to connect your charging pad, sentry/dashcam drive and other accessories. But it also provides a discreet location for your sentry/dashcam drive, which if the worst happens, might be very useful. 


Input: Two USB-A (Model 3 version) | USB-A & USB-C (Model Y version)
Output: 6 Ports total (4 USB A, 2 USB C)
3 USB-A, two USB-C on the front face. One vertical USB-A inside the Dashcam compartment.
Magnetic lid and silicone sheet. Includes a short USB-A to USB-C cable for a SSD device and a magnetic plate.