Model Y Flexible LED light when dark (Warm White)
Model Y Flexible LED light when light (Warm White)
How to switch between 16V (default) and 12V
Flexible LED Light Kit (Frunk)

Flexible LED Frunk Light for Model 3 & Y

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Installation install difficulty: easy


2020-2023 Tesla Model Y", "2018-2023 Tesla Model 3

Compatible with all years of Model 3 & Y. 12 & 16v compatible.

Color:Warm White

Introducing the Flexible LED Frunk Light!

The flexible LED light features an easy-to-install design that you can complete in no more than 10 minutes. It creates a recessed, bright light that illuminates every inch of your frunk so you can make the most of the space while also adding an element of style to your frunk. Select from four color options.

Compatible with 12V and 16V cars (if you're not sure, read this). It's supplied already set for 16V, and can be easily switched to 12V by changing the dip-switches, refer to our installation guide here.

Add this amazing light to your frunk now and experience the difference it can make 💡