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Center Console Tray

Model 3/Y (1st Gen Console)
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For the 1st-gen Model 3 & Y Center Console, and all-new, super-premium tray to organize your stuff and maximize the space in your center console. Not sure which console you have? See below, and if you're looking for trays for a 2nd-Gen console, look here!

Center Console Versions


Perfect for your Pre-Refreshed Console, Increasing storage space for sunglasses, key cards, charging adapters, ID Badges, coins, etc.

Premium Materials with a washable, food-grade silicone top tray, and the rigid bottom tray for added durability.

Jowua Hub Compatible
Design to fit and match perfectly with Jowua LED Hub and wireless charging pad. The ultimate solution for model 3/Y with the pre-refreshed console.