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Threaded Lug Guide

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If you made it this far, you're probably wonderingwhat's a lug guide??

Aligning the holes in the wheel with the threaded holes in the wheel hub while inserting the first lug bolt can be difficult. Have you lifted an Uberturbine? 80lbs and change is no fun. Lug Bolt Guides are also useful for aligning wheel spacers or routine brake maintenance.

These stainless steel professional-grade guides are heavy-duty tools that can stand up to the rigors of daily use. The added strength of the stainless steel tool is especially useful for lug-centered aftermarket wheels, where the full weight of the wheel and tire are supported by the lug bolt guide tool until the lug bolts are installed.

These are sold as single units, and make a great, but different, gift if you have a Tesla owner in your life that changes or rotates their own wheels. If it's a frequent job, consider buying two for optimal alignment, since with one it acts as a hanger and alignment tool, but with two, the wheel is instantly aligned.

Made in the USA by the same company that makes the awesomejack adapters. Check out Erik's video below for how to use the Lug Guides: