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Model S (2012-14)

Everything below is compatible with the first generation of Model S, generally identifiable from the front nose-cone.
Jack Adapters 78 reviews from $28.99 USD
RimSavers 13 reviews $89.99 USD
Multifunction Armrest Cover 24 reviews $39.99 USD
Wireless Gamepad 6 reviews $49.95 USD
Handheld LED Lightbar 6 reviews Coming Soon
100W Car Charger 2 reviews Coming Soon
Screen Protector Sample pack 2 reviews $5.00 USD
Plaid Emblem (Chrome) 4 reviews Coming Soon
Wheel Cap Kit 8 reviews $35.99 USD
Plaid Emblem in Matte Black 3 reviews $19.99 USD
64GB MicroSD Card Coming Soon
RimSaver Replacement Kit 1 review $34.99 USD
Qi Charger v2 (for pre-Refresh S & X) 2 reviews from $15.00 USD
Tesla Car Covers $139.99 USD
Premium Hard-Sided Cooler 1 review Coming Soon
Brake Caliper Covers For Model S & X 1 review from $225.00 USD
Model S Value Bundle $155.00 USD $166.82 USD
Physical Gift Cards from $10.00 USD