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Why, Tesla?

Wondering why some of our products have vanished? Here's the story...

Waaaay back in 2013, when we got our first Model S, we accidentally started Abstract Ocean.

Our first Model S

We offered a niche (at the time) product to help users carry other keys and protect the slippery keyfob that the Model S, and later X, came with (if you’re not familiar, check out our Origin Story). Honestly, we really didn’t set out to start a business, but after branching out beyond the FobPocket we found our passion and became more focused on developing a viable business. Since day one, we’ve been passionate Tesla owners and enthusiasts first and foremost - what ended up turning into a small family business was a happy side effect.

With hundreds of products and options, we’re pretty proud of our little business. We’re not an anonymous big box store, and we don’t try to compete with the no-name companies that pop up overnight on Amazon. We take everything personally. We’re also not trying to make a quick buck off the Tesla brand. We purposely have never just slapped a logo on a mug or tee-shirt and called it done. We only produce thoughtful items that we are happy to use on our Teslas, and we do not compete with Tesla on the limited range of products they sell.

Not the Kind of Mail we Like

Unfortunately, along with a lot of US-based Tesla aftermarket accessory companies, we’ve been sent a cease-and-desist letter from Tesla Legal asking us to stop selling part of our portfolio as they believe it infringes on their brand, causing confusion in the market. We have never marketed ourselves as affiliated or endorsed by Tesla, and we believe that most of our customers know exactly who we are.

We responded, respectfully asking for licensing to use the logo (we asked a few years ago -- conversations were favorable, but that individual left the company) or a dispensation. Tesla replied saying they do not want to offer any licensing at all to any aftermarket seller. We do not have the means, or the inclination to start a legal dispute with the company we love, so we’re at an impasse; we are being forced to let go of some of our favorite and most popular products.

Letting some of these items go is soul-destroying as we put a lot of time and effort into them. Our puddlelights are CE-rated and RoHS-certified and designed to work with the Tesla wiring system. Our Performance Emblems and badges have been massively popular as an emblem alternative and we have kept improving this product to become what we think is the best available, anywhere. It’s sad to see those go as these are something that Tesla doesn’t offer.

So, What Now?

We’re still here, have loads of other great products and we’re adding new stuff every week. As the great Chumbawamba said,

🎵 I get knocked down, but I get up again...🎵.

In closing, we have the utmost respect for Tesla and the world-changing revolution that they started, and we remain fans and customers ourselves. We’re crushed by Tesla’s approach to this, by going after long-standing, trusted after-market retailers. We are well-aware there’s always a grey line when it comes to branding, but we’ve always tried to be respectful, and firmly believe we've helped enhance the brand.