Great for storing a couple of sets of sunnies!
Fits behind the screen completely, so invisible from inside the car
Side-shot showing where it sticks to the screen support

Only for the Refreshed Model 3 (aka Highland)!

Screen Tray for the Refreshed Model 3

Sale price$24.99


❌2018-2024 Tesla Model 3
✅2024 Model 3 (Refreshed/Highland)
Model 3 Refreshed 2024

Only for the Refreshed Model 3 (aka Highland)!

This tray fits neatly behind your center screen and provides a great spot for things like sunglasses, door openers etc. There's one strip of gel adhesive (so that it's removable - if needed - and never leaves a residue) to ensure it stays in place. That, together with the rubber inlay and felt strip that sits against the rear of the screen ensures a rattle-free solution, and the best thing is you wouldn't even know it was there from sitting in your car!