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Model 3 & Y Cupholder Insert (for 2nd Gen Center Console)

Model 3/Y (2nd Gen Console)
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This doesn't look like it'll work, right? Surely it'll come out with the bottle or can every time? Well, trust us, it doesn't. Through the magic of grip and great form-fitting design, this adhesive-free sucker will stay in place no matter how large a cup you wedge in there! Check out the video for proof, and a comparison to our other option, the Cupholder Stabilizer

To install, just flex it a bit to make the rubber a bit more supple, and drop it it - it's as easy as that! Just pop it out for cleaning, it's even safe in the top rack of your dishwasher! Only compatible with the second generation Center consoles (if you have a sliding door, you have a second-gen console).