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Trunk LightBar

Model 3
install difficulty:

Note: Not currently compatible with MIC (Made in China) Model 3's, as they seem to be more fussy with the current load on the circuit.

Looking for a five minute, plug n play solution to take your trunk lighting from blah to wow?

You can use our Lightbar with the factory lights in the Model 3 trunk/boot, or combine with our Ultrabright lights for an even more dazzling experience. In either case, installation is an easy plug and play, with no wire splicing required. Coming in at 12"/30cm, each light bar emits about 300 lux at a 7000k temperature, which means it's a nice, bright white light. Since our Lightbar using the same connectors as used in all Teslas, you could also use it as an addition to any of the lights in Model S & X. Watch the installation video for a demo of the various lighting options (and brightness), and how to install.